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The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, hosted by Karalynn Cromeens, covers everything related to construction, contractors, and how to build a better business. Your success is in the details, so she strives to cover them all!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 16: Lend Me a Handbook (With Kelly Stamy)

    A handbook is an essential piece of every business's puzzle, and yet so many businesses neglect to have one made! Construction attorney Kelly Stamy joins Karalynn to dive into the innumerable benefits of implementing an employee handbook, and the many ways it can protect YOUR business from the many pitfalls ...


  2. Episode 15: Safety First-Understanding OSHA (With Jonelle Oldacre)

    We’ve got a fresh, new podcast to start your Monday off on the right foot! Karalynn is joined by Senior Associate Attorney Jonelle Oldacre to discuss safety regulations in the construction industry. Jonelle has practiced in Construction Law for 12 years and has many valuable perspectives on the industry, ESPECIALLY ...


  3. Episode 14: When Pricing Isn't Pretty: Increased Material Prices & GMP Contracts!

    New podcast alert! Karalynn Cromeens covers the current issue of increased material prices, what that means for your business, and how to protect against it in your contract. Karalynn defines a GMP contract, why you shouldn't sign one right now, and what it entails for you and your business. This ...


  4. Episode 13: Better Bid, Better Business (With Jim Evans)

    Let's talk tech! Namely, Bidclips, a sales management software for construction professionals owned and operated by Karalynn's guest in today's episode, Jim Evans! Jim's experience in the industry is vast and encompasses many different perspectives. From working in the field to developing tech for contractors doing the same, he's learned a ...


  5. Episode 12: Tech and the Trades (With Rob McKinney)

    With the help of tech expert Rob McKinney from eSUB and The ConTech Crew, Karalynn dives into trades, tech, and how the two can gain quite a lot from each other when their conventionally "different" worlds collide! Listen to Rob break down the stigma that working with your hands means ...