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The Quit Getting Screwed Podcast, hosted by Karalynn Cromeens, covers everything related to construction, contractors, and how to build a better business. Your success is in the details, so she strives to cover them all!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 29: Perfecting Your Process (With Suhaiba Neill)

    Have you mastered the inner workings of your business? Here’s a secret; most contractors haven’t. Karalynn’s new guest, Suhaiba Neill, joins the podcast today to talk processes, one of the most overlooked elements of running a business. Tune in and take notes because Suhaiba will give you the full low-down ...


  2. Episode 28: Learn Your Liens- Colorado! (With Michael Paul)

    Let’s get back into liens with this week’s new podcast episode! Karalynn is joined by Michael Paul, a Colorado construction attorney, to dig into the nitty-gritty of Colorado’s lien laws. If you’re a CO Contractor, this is an episode you do NOT want to miss.Don’t forget to like, ...


  3. Episode 27: Coaching Cures for Contractors (With Dominic Rubino)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and welcome back to the Quit Getting Screwed podcast! It’s a new year, full of new opportunities, so let’s kick it off with some amazing best-business-practices advice and insight from contractor coach and podcast host of Cabinet Maker Profit System, Dominic Rubino! This episode is jam-packed with ...


  4. Episode 26: Learn Your Liens- Ohio! (With Andrew Good)

    Let's talk liens. Ohio liens, specifically! Karalynn sits down with Andrew Good on this week's episode, an Ohio construction attorney and long-time Liens pro. He breaks down all that Ohio contractors need to know about properly filing their liens and effectively collecting what they're owed. If you are an Ohio ...


  5. Episode 25: The Non-Compete Conundrum! (With Kelly Stamy)

    If it’s your goal to leave the company you work for and start your own, you especially need to listen to this episode! Learn how to avoid conflict with the company you work for and if you're a business owner, learn how to protect your business with proper non-competes. Returning ...